House Approves Bill to Lower Divorce Costs

The House of Representatives approved a bill on Tuesday that would allow for cheaper and quicker divorces. The measure, which was approved 135-12, would allow marriages to be dissolved if cooperative partners More »

World Social Forum begins in Tunisia

Bardon attack could not prevent the organization which will bring tens of thousands of anti-globalization together. In the first statement of World Social Forum in Tunisia it is said that terrorists wants More »

Tunisia is Looking for the Third Attacker in the Museum Attack

Many tourists stated that there is a third attacker in the museum attack which was caused 25 people to lose their lives in Tunisia on March 18. More »

List of Death Claim from ISIS

The group who introduced themselves as Department of Computer of ISIS published 100 American military personnel names, addresses and photographs and urged to kill these people from the ISIS’s supporters in United More »

USA Recalled its entire Staff from Yemen

While Ministry of Foreign Affairs explaining its decision to withdraw their staff from Yemen, they also stated that they will continue to actively monitor the terrorist threats arising in Yemen and have More »


House Approves Bill to Lower Divorce Costs

legal gavel on top of divorce papers

The House of Representatives approved a bill on Tuesday that would allow for cheaper and quicker divorces. The measure, which was approved 135-12, would allow marriages to be dissolved if cooperative partners can meet a set of standards. These standards include owning less than $35,000 in joint property and having no children. The couple must also have been married eight years or less.


The bill is an attempt to lower the high cost of divorce. Rep. Dan Carter called divorce a “plague” in our society, and that it costs couples a lot of money. He went on to say that many couples get caught in the system, which is when divorce often gets ugly.


Attorney Brad Micklin, stated that the bill allowed some couples to take advantage of a quicker, streamlined process for divorce. He said the bill targets a “narrow” group of people who meet certain financial standards and other guidelines.


To be eligible for a quick divorce, neither partner can be on Medicaid or own any real estate. Neither can have a pension plan, either, as these make divorces more complicated. Neither partner can have any protective orders or restraining orders issued by the court.


With a quicker divorce process, couples can spend less on legal fees and judges could spend more time on contentious cases.

The Real Impact Of Periscope Of The Periscope Acquisition On Twitter

By the time you read this, you probably already know that Twitter acquired live streaming app maker, Periscope. This is a big deal because it effectively destroyed potential live streaming competition from Meerkat. While this is big news as far as preserving twitters stock relevance is concerned, it is also significant for a much bigger reason on the consumers side.

One of the main reasons why people open a Twitter account is to read news. These people are not there to send short Tweets. They could care less about that. Instead, they look to Twitter as a 24/7, instantly accessible source of late breaking news. Whether you are looking for gossip or you are looking for the latest development regarding a hot trend, Twitter is it.

It is a giant, crowd-sourcing platform that accesses the minds of millions upon millions of people from all four corners of the globe. It is very easy to find the latest niche news and information, just by simply entering the right keywords into Twitter. Considering the fact that it is a trusted source of late breaking news, live-streaming is a powerful add-on.

While it is nice to get links of news reports, it is way much better to get a link to a live stream so you can see a news video as it plays out. This is why Twitter’s Periscope acquisition can go a long way in really skyrocketing Twitter’s revenue potential. As more and more people use Twitter to view news, and Twitter has the technology in place to deliver live-stream video and slap on ads on top of that, expect Twitter’s revenue profile to explode in the mid term.

The Real Story Behind Twitter And Meerkat

Twitter NYSE

Meerkat is a live streaming app that runs on Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) . A lot of market analysts say that video streaming is the next killer app on Twitter since Twitter already has a canned functionality called Vine. The next app, of course, is live streaming through twitter.

Meerkat made a lot of waves because there is a tremendous amount of investor attention on video streaming technology. As the old saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” how many words do you think a video is worth? This is very important because the more information you can get out there and the more signals you can send, the higher the likelihood you can pull down some serious advertising dollars.

For all intention purposes, the Meerkat project promised to be a big hole in Twitter’s overall revenue potential. This is why a lot of Twitter analysts are very bullish and elated at the news that Twitter bought out Periscope, which offers similar video streaming technology on Twitter. According to these analysts this move by Twitter potentially saved the company from having to pay a much higher valuation for Meerkat if Meerkat were to take off. In other words, the company dodged the bullet.

Considering how fragile Twitter’s overall revenue potential is, it really can not afford to make too many developmental mistakes. It can not afford to let potential competitors get too big. It has to put out fires fairly early on by buying them out or buying a comparable competitor that would steal the thunder of another wise formidable new entity. Twitter did itself a big favor by buying Periscope. It remains to be seen whether Twitter can fully leverage Periscope’s technology so that it can finally generate profit across the board.

World Social Forum begins in Tunisia


Bardon attack could not prevent the organization which will bring tens of thousands of anti-globalization together. In the first statement of World Social Forum in Tunisia it is said that terrorists wants to damage Tunisia’s transition to democracy with their last attack, also want to create fear among the people which are demanding freedom and democracy and seeking to build democracy peacefully. Tunisian Muhiddin Şerbib who is among the people, who organizes the Forum, emphasizes that it will not be allowed in any form with these words; we have received support from all over the world. All delegations related to organizations from Latin America, Africa, Europe or Middle East agree about making this platform. This is the right response to terrorism. Opponents of globalization are also involved in World Social Forum events. More than 4000 organizations which do not depend on any government declared that they are going to attend to World Social Forum. People who are organizing the forum also declared that they will organize many events in this year.

Samsung Will Increase the Memory Capacity in Their Phones


Samsung which wants to make their low cost smart phones even more attractive started to work to increase the internal memory of their smart phones up to 128 GB.

Surprising Statements About Apple Watch


One of the technology giant Apple’s senior managers Tim Cook had made statements about Apple Watch presentation. The company’s successful CEO Tim Cook made surprising explanations about the Apple Watch after the introduction.

US Tennis Player Banned for 15 Years


American tennis player Wayne Odesnik once used to be rank in the 77th in the world rankings but he was banned from tennis for 15 years due to his second incident about doping.

Vonn Won Again


American woman skier Lindsey Vonn won her 19th championship in the Alpine Skiing World Cup and had the same amount of championships with the former Swedish male athlete Ingemar Stenmark.

Nowruz Celebration in the Netherlands


A large number of Turkish and Azeri people attended to 6. Turkish World Nowruz Festival which was held in Hague by Azerbaijan Turkish Culture and Solidarity Association.

Israel Looks For Coalition


According to reports in the Israeli press in interviews with representatives of political parties, 51 deputies were suggested to President Rivlin to be prime minister again.